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Hello. I’m Oliver Salter.

Camera Trainee, Camera Assistant

Welcome to my site. Here you can explore the projects I’ve worked on and learn more about my background and sources of inspiration. My camera experience covers live events, documentaries and short films. Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate or to leave your feedback.


About Me

As a university student I have been fascinated about camerawork and film production. Throughout my time at college and university I have taken many roles as a cameraman, camera assistant and filmed different types of projects in different settings, such as, short films, TV studio, live events, adverts and documentaries. I've operated different types of camera equipment: DSLR 5D Cannon Camera, FS5 Sony Camera, Sony Red and TV studio cameras. I continue to learn about camerawork and develop my skills and techniques.   

I am excited about the prospect of working in live events, television production and film and willing to take on any role which will help me towards becoming a professional cameraman. 

I am a member of GTC. 



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Do you need a camera operator for your project? Take a look at my past work and if you like what you see and if it is what you seek for your project, then get in touch. Please click the image here to view projects.


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If you would like to see the type of equipment I've used, please click the image here.

Photo Gallery


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